It is free for companies to be member of our portal. It cost a small amount to place bids on the jobs posted, and companie's balance must be above 500 DKK. Which means the company have to deposit an amount before the company can be able to place bids. It is only when a company is rewarded a job, that we take a small 8% fee. 
If you have a movingcompany, you can easily register a company profile. You have to bare in mind, that your company must be a professional moving company that is insured according laws that apply to transportation of goods. 
You can choose a company if you like any of the quotes you get, but you are in no ways bound to. But if you do choose a company that has placed a bid for your project on our service, you must hire the company through the site. It gives you the opportunity to rate and review the serviice the company will provide. It is also necessary for us that you do hire the company through our site, so that we can get a small rate from the companymembers for the service we privide to companies.  
It is completely free to post a job and get free quotes.